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icon-48-amocourseamoCourse Basic Version 2.5.9 for Joomla 2.5.x published today!

Today we have published a new release of amoCourse Basic. This release contains some bug fixes / new features and updates the compatibility with newest FOF release, created and used by the great extensions of Akeeba.

If you have problems while updating amoCourse Basic please feel free to contact us in our forum.

More information for "amoCourse Basic" and the newest changes here

amoCourse Basic

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amoCourse is a component that helps publishing and managing various kinds of courses or classes (cooking, dancing, swimming, ...). It is as simple as flexible and supports any kind of registration forms as you need.


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amoPlanning is a Plugin that provides possibilities to manage your human ressources daily, weekly or monthly. Planning is good, but did you check any time if your planning suits the really used time? This plugin helps you quite easy the plan and control all resources.